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There's a persistent myth that when you're writing in English, you're 'not allowed' to start a sentence with the word and. This is utter rubbish. There is not, and never has been, such a rule. Writers do it in books and magazines bazillions of times every day, and linguists and grammarians have been saying loudly and clearly for decades that, really, it's totally fine. 
This website exists solely to squish this myth once and for all
Every day, millions of people deny themselves and their readers the innocent pleasures of sentences beginning with and, because of this misguided sense that it's 'wrong'. We're here to say it's OK. You can do it. And everything will be fine.
But it's going to be a fight
Part of the reason this myth is so persistent is down to the 'And Police': the finger-wagging teachers and the pontificating pedants who just love to seize on any old grammatical 'rule' they can use to flaunt their so-called superiority. They scribble with their red pens and clack away in track changes, relishing the chance to tell others they have DONE THEIR SENTENCES WRONGLY, thereby keeping the 'And' myth alive.
Together, we will stop them
We will do it in the only way these wrong-headed know-it-alls will listen: we will show them that People Who Are Much Cleverer Than They Are Say It's Perfectly Fine To Start A Sentence With The Word And. And we will show them that People Who Are Much Better At Writing Than They Are Do it All The Time. And we will do this repeatedly. And we will make such a flipping song and dance about it that pretty soon, if ever the subject comes up in any school or workplace, in any part of the world, someone will know to google this site, and the matter will be settled. And we can all spend our time thinking about other things instead.
And you'd like to help?
We want to gather the single largest collection of Clever Language People debunking this myth that has ever been gathered. We also want to compile the definitive library of examples from 'respected' sources. (And by 'respected', we simply mean 'sources that teachers and pedants won't be able to dismiss or scoff at'.) So, if you find examples we don't have, we'd love to add them to our collection. Please get in touch.

What the experts say
Here's what the world's leading linguists and grammarians have to say on the subject. (Spoiler alert: they all say yes you can start a sentence with and.)

Examples of 'And'
Here are some examples of passages of writing that have sentences that start with and. They're from respected sources. Like The Bible. 

Join our crusade!
Join us! Soon, there'll be posters and stickers and maybe even a book. Pop your name in the box. And we'll keep you posted. Thanks.

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